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A typical employee assistance program focuses on the importance of short-term counseling for a variety of emotional and physical difficulties a person may encounter in their lifetime.  Very few programs provide the same level of counseling for financial difficulties or concerns. Financial Resources gives you the chance to be atypical.

We provide certified counselors that focus on professionalism and compassion for your clients - creating an atmosphere where  individuals can feel anonymous and comfortable. Supportive discussion of concerns allows clients to deal with the financial issues that led them to contact employee assistance in the first place.  Our objective, solution-oriented structure, allows your client to receive the unbiased assistance necessary to make informed decisions that are most appropriate for their specific case.

Financial Resources operates a "No referral, no pressure" model. Our goal is to focus on the financial well-being of the individual only - no products, no persuasion, ...just help. Your clients receive immediate assistance from their own personal counselor - no hand offs to large agencies designed to overwhelm...just individual, professional and personalized attention. 

We offer expertise in a variety of financial disciplines including but not limited to budget management, goal setting, retirement planning, and risk management. Our accurate and consistent reporting methods allow you to keep a fingertip observation and assessment of our services. Quick and simple education sessions about Financial Resources leaves your staff with no question as to what types of inquires to send our way. We adapt our services to meet your needs.

Please check our "Business Services" page for information as to how financial stress can have a dramatic effect on employees. Contact us to discuss how we have worked with other Employee Assistance companies and how we can be of service to you.


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